Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 25 / Wednesday, July 1st / Dodge City, KS to Great Bend, KS / 85 miles

Today the weather was great. Overcast and cool in the morning breaking to sunny skies and low 90s by 11:00am. I got off to a late start after helping Bruce from CO find his bike computer that popped off his bike. It took us 20 miles until we caught up with some riders. It's rewarding to see other riders and confirm you're on the correct route. Three riders yesterday missed a turn and went 20 miles extra.

Our first sag stop was at an historical museum. I spent some time in the church (lt) saying a few prayers. It's been hard to get to church on Sundays. It felt good to be in the house of God who gave me the health and opportunity to enjoy this amazing and beautiful country.

The bike I am standing in front of has made the journey across America as well. I am thankful for the advances in the biking industry because I don't think I could have made it across on this.

Zoom in and catch the writing on the poster.

On the right is a picture of me and our bike mechanic Sean. Unfortunately he leaves us today for his own adventures traveling outside the country. He has been great, fixing our bikes, playing pool, basketball and chatting with over a drink. I feel like I am talking to my son Mike when I chat with Sean. He is a CA guy who loves Diddy Reese (best cookie/ice cream place in LA).

The group I was with wanted to get a picture with the train on the left. It was going about 30mph so I kicked it up to 35mph, caught the train and stopped it.

After we stopped it, Chris from OH and I got in front to pull it so it could get started again.

I am celebrating at what is called midway. This is supposedly the middle of the country from San Francisco to NY. Zoom in on the sign.
Chris (OH), Bob (Seattle), and I worked together in a pace line most the way taking turns at 2 minute intervals keeping the pace between 19-20mph in a pretty stiff southwest wind. Had dinner at Montana Mikes again. Now it's time to get ready for a 61 miler tomorrow.

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