Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 33 / Thursday, July 9th / Kirksville, MO to Quincy, IL / 97 miles

Today was another great day. Very foggy when we started and the sun stayed covered for most of the day. Still a lot of rolling hills until we crossed the Mississippi into Illinois then we had a good flat 15 mile section until we hit the hills again. Before we left Missouri we had a nice lunch at Primos Restaurant. We overwhelmed them with business when 18 bikers should up. Chris, Dan and I got there first so we were fortunate to get in and out pretty quick.

They do not allow bikes on the bridge crossing the Mississippi so we got ferried across. I was a little concerned that the truck might of put us over the weight limit but the captain assured us we would stay afloat.

Finally reached another state. Illinois watch out, the bikers are in town! The scenery is a bit different and I feel like I am getting closer to the East

Behind me is the bridge we couldn't cross. The town of Quincy is more like a city. We rode down main street which was beautiful with big shady trees and old mansions on both side.

My roommate Brian and I skipped dinner that night and picked up a picnic lunch and caught a concert in the park which was only 1.5 miles from the hotel. A lot of Sinatra music and some Latin pop. At the end of the night the drummer let me have a little fun on the drums.

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  1. Go Chuck Armstrong! Keep pushing those pedals! - Jack