Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 47 / Thursday, July 23rd / Canandaigua, NY to Liverpool, NY / 85 miles

After Tuesdays all day in the rain ride we were dreading another day like that, however; the rain was falling as we made our way over to Denny's for breakfast. It continued to rain for about 45 minutes into the ride then the remainder of the ride was overcast and ideal conditions for riding with a slight tailwind. My plan was to take it easy today until I saw Tom and Sean closing in on me. So I said to myself, let's have some fun and sped up. I peddled like crazy and slowly increased the gap. After hitting several red lights they were on my tail again so I picked it up again. I could tell they were working real hard to catch me and my competitive drive said don't let it happen. Knowing that the sag was 5 miles up the road I kept the intensity up and beat them to the sag. Had some fun chatting about the tactics with the two of them then sent them on ahead so I could relax and enjoy the rest of the day.

I enjoyed the scenery as I cruised up and down the rolling hills.

As I traveled down a steep decent building some momentum for an immediate climb I came across this running water. So much for building momentum. I braked, stopped, then unclipped from my bike, relaxed for about 5 minutes and thanked God for the opportunity and health to enjoy this beautiful world he created.

Couldn't miss out on the opportunity to snap the picture on the right. It reminded me of my brother Skip's middle name. He wasn't thrilled about his middle name and we use to tease him as a kid.

Sandy's Barber Shop also brought back some childhood memories. Never will forget the time we were on vacation in PA and my dad brought us 3 boys to a barber shop in the mountains when we were young to get crew cuts. This was unacceptable in a time when the Beatles were influencing everyone to grow long hair. To make matters worse it was a lady barber, unheard of at those times. Well we cryed and the hair eventually grew back. Had another Chineese buffet at night and finished the evening off playing some pool with my friends Tom, Sean, Jack,Brian and Les at Tully's right next to the hotel.

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