Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 49 / Saturday, July 25th / Little Falls, NY to Latham, NY / 101 miles

Today was a great ride on another beautiful day in NY. The day started at 7:00am with some fog in the air. By 8:30 the fog had lifted and the sun slowly broke through to temperatures in the upper 70s. Today was to be an easy ride just enjoying the scenery. As we climbed the hills we could see the scenery of the valleys below along the river.

One of our first stops was at this interesting Mohawk Shrine. Today's ride was along the Mohawk River which the Indian Tribe occupied in the 1600s.

After one of our bigger climbs of the day I had my riding friend, Bob, snap this photo. This is the type of scenery we got to see the entire day.

After we got off of route 5 we started riding on bike paths that were flat, for the most part, and shaded, along the gorgeous Mohawk River. Riding on bike paths is a nice break from riding on the busy roads. Before I hit he second bike path I hit the second sag of the day that was next to a busy Jumpin Jacks (burger/ice cream) restaurant. The river was pretty busy with lots of boating activity. Had an opportunity to see one of the locks in action. The boats were on the upper section of the river. They entered the lock, the water level was dropped, the gates opened and off they went. Pretty neat to watch. I was enjoying the bike paths and scenery so much I turned a 76 mile day into a 101 mile ride.

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