Monday, July 6, 2009

DAY 29 / Monday, July 6th / Rest Day in St. Joseph, MO

Today was a rest day so I decided to get on my bike and check out this historic town which claims that this is where the real west originated. On the left I am standing at the monument for the Pony Express. For some reason I have always been fascinated with this part of history. Check out the historic inscription on the right, pretty interesting.

zoom in (double click) to get a better read.

After I had gone to the monument I went down the block to the museum. I don't think I would have qualified to be a rider. This was a very interesting museum telling you all about how the Pony Express came to be, the people behind it, the obsticles that were overcome, and the manpower it took to run the operation.
10 day delivery from St Joseph, MO to Sacramento, CA.

After the museum I wondered over to the house that outlaw Jesse James lived. He was trying to live a low keyed disguised life while a bounty was out for him. He was running out of money so planed one last bank robbery with his gang members the Ford brothers. One of the brothers shot him instead to get the bounty. Instead of getting the bounty he was convicted for murder and went to jail.

The last place I visited on my day off was Lovers Lane. My 31st anniversary is July 8th and I am spending it away from my wife Donna. I sure wish she was here to enjoy the beauty of Lovers Lane and all the special memories we have together. Mike and Fran are also celebrating their anniversary this day. So Happy Early Anniversary Everyone.

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