Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 24 / Tuesday, June 30th Garden City, KS to Dodge City, KS 51 miles

The weather was great, warm but not unbearable. After yesterday, today was going to be an easy day, riding along with some different people. Carol, (left) like me, has a degree in PE as well as a masters in special education. Chris and I rode with Carol to the first sag stop helping her break through a mild headwind. She is a real trouper.

Our group stopped at one of the first and only overlooks in Kansas for an inspiring picture.

A feed station for the thousands of cows. Gotta beef them up so we can enjoy them at the steak house.

Half way through our ride just about all the members in our group stopped at the local ice cream parlor in Cemeron. Had a vanilla malt and it was delicious.

When we got to Dodge City we had dinner at Montana Mikes (big chain in these parts of town) After dinner we went to Boot Hill and the Longhorn Cafe to watch the Miss Kitty dance and comedy show. Pretty interesting, however; as Jack from NJ said it reminded him of a 6th grade play. I did however get a picture with Miss Kitty and one of her show girls.

Afterwards we took a group photo of the gang at Longhorns.

The hotel we stayed at was a convention center with a big pool, Jacuzzi, volleyball court, ping pong table, pool table and of course, a basketball hoop to get me ready to play for the Gold (friendship basketball game) with my best friend Marc when we meet July 28 when my journey cross country comes to an end.

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