Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 46 / Wednesday, July 22nd / Hamburg, NY to Canandaigua, NY / 96 miles

Today the weather was great, sunny skies and relatively cool temperatures for the summer (78-82). After breakfast at the hotel we biked 8 miles over to the most historic bicycle shop in the world. The owner, Carl, opened early (8:00am) just for our group. He gave us an amazing tour from the first 2 wheel bike ever built in 1817 to the bikes of the 1950s. Carl had a wealth of information for us from the design of bikes to the racing and culture of bikes.
Many of the advancements in designing bikes helped with the propulsion of the automobile.

The first rolling invention in 1817 (made out of wood) was only made for rolling and discovering that man could balance on two wheels. Pedals and chains were invented after that and these vehicles became known as a velocipede
Check out my bike on the left. As the saying goes: "We've come along way Baby"

Came across several small water falls. At our second sag there was a restaurant called Tom
Wahl's. Had a delicious cheeseburger and root beer float.
Got to the hotel just before the rain. Then had dinner at the Pondarosa Steak House then went back to the hotel and put my liners in my tires to help prevent flats on what could be several days of rain

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