Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 36 / Sunday, July 12th / Champagne, IL to Crawfordsville, IN / 82 miles

Today was a great day for riding with sunny skies and cool temperatures in the upper 60s to start and low 80s at finish. The humidity was not bad either. Even though this was an 82 mile day I felt so good a rode a little extra finishing the day at 98 miles. On the left is Carole from PA doing the pulling. I enjoyed chatting with Carole today as we rode together for about 5 miles in a double pass line. Carole comes from a family of 12 brothers and sisters in which she is the oldest. One of her brothers runs a drivers education operation. Since I was also a driver ed teacher at one time we had lots of stories to exchange.

Right before we left Illinois we had a huge bike crash then hid in the fields as the police went by so we wouldn't get any tickets. No major injuries just a lot of fun being "corny" in the corn fields.

Good bye Illinois and Hello Indiana. If you look carefully you will notice there is plenty more cornography to see in Indiana. Pictured are Me (twirling my helmet since I didn't have a basketball) Leigh and Bob from Seattle, Chris from Columbus, and Hans from Switzerland.

At the second sag today we stopped for lunch at the Bus Stop. Today it looked like the Bike Stop with all our bikes parked in front with our spandex shorts parked in the chairs. Since I was tired of looking at the farms and corn fields I captured a few shots of some different scenery below. Tomorrow is a short 62 mile day to Indianapolis with a rest day planed for Tuesday. Looking forward to having a get together at Jay Butlers house. Jay was with us the first section of the ride which was the last section he needed to complete his journey across the country. He is from Indy.
I just got the schedule for football practice from our head coach George "Mac" McCartin. When I saw the airplane I just had to snap this picture. The only problem was, Mac was in the Marines not the Air Force.

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