Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 34 / Friday, July 10th / Quincy, IL to Springfield, IL / 106 miles

Today we got lucky on our journey to Springfield. The skies threatened to rain all day but never did so we got away with a warm muggy day with little sun. Illinois as you can see is known for their corn fields. On today's ride all I saw was corn fields and the back tire of Chris and Judy as we worked as a team getting us to Springfield at 2:30 pm after departing Quincy around 7:00 am. Long day but we were the first to arrive. We rode at an 18 mph pace. Some hills but the majority of the day was flat with a slight headwind.
On the right we are about to cross a river which I believe was part of the Mississippi River. The truck in front of Judy, one of the support staff, is a film crew. One of the members of our team is promoting his charity, Korean Memorial for Chicago, through the media.
To the left is Judy and Chris who I teamed up with today. Two really strong riders. At the end of the ride we were exhausted and hungry so we went across the street to Steak & Shake for lunch. The waitress/manager heard about our trip and compt our meal.
Tomorrows another long day in the saddle, 97 more miles. Our incentive now is that we are inching closer to the Atlantic Ocean.

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  1. Coach Tobey. It's Jeffrey Brover. We are in Ohio too for the summer. Tomorrow, Sunday we are going to see the Cleveland Indians. We follow your bike route on line. How do you find a place to sleep at night? Do you just stop when you get tired. I use my mom's e mail, it is See you soon.