Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 52 / Tuesday, July 28th / Manchester, NH to Wallis Sands Beach, Rye NH /
54 mile
Today was not only a gorgeous day but it was special because we were only 54 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, our final destination. Hard to believe that we made it without one fill up of gasoline. Instead our fuel consisted of eggs, pancakes, steaks, pasta, water, ice cream, and yes the famous bottle of chocolate milk, the traditional celebration drink at the end of the hard days ride to help us recover for the next day. The drive and determination that each of us possessed also helped keep those pedals and wheels turning. Hans, me, Bob, Leigh, and Chris where the last to leave the hotel as usual. I stayed with the group for about 10 mile then moved ahead to meet up with two special people to finish the ride with.
My Uncle Bob on the left who did this ride when he was 62 and my good neighborhood friend Jack Styles rode in with me. For me this was part of my dream and meant more than they can imagine. Thanks guys!

We all met up at Rye Jr. High at 11:30am for our final group picture then we had an escort in to Wallis Sands Beach by the Rye Police. As we headed to the beach it was time to reflect on the great memories. Once we turned the final corner we could feel the breeze coming off the ocean and smell the salt air. The anticipation of fulfilling our journey brought chills and tears. Just at that time we turned into the entrance to be greeted by family and friends and about 1,000 other beach goers that were fascinated and entertained by our excitement. After giving a hug to my wife I took off my helmet and shoes off, grabed my bike and headed to the ocean for the dipping of our front wheel into the Atlantic Ocean after dipping the rear wheel into the Pacific Ocean 52 days before.
What a greeting seeing my wife, friends Marc and Joan Kerble, Aunt Joan and Uncle Bob, Jack Styles, cousin Nancy and her son, brothers Skip and Russ and nephew Chris. My good friend Marc told me later he never saw me smile so much. There was a lot to smile about. Fifty Two days of riding with some amazing people, seeing America by bike, being greeted by special people, and being blessed by our great Lord and Savior for the opportunity to experience this amazing journey.

A special thanks to the support staff, all the riders, and especially my riding partners Chris, Leigh, and Bob. Stay in touch.

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