Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 45 / Tuesday, July 21st / Erie, PA to Hamburg, NY / 85 miles

Today we left Pennsylvania for New York. Today's ride was along routes 5 and 20 along Lake Erie. Unfortunately we didn't get to enjoy the scenery on a clear sunny day. This was only our second day on the tour with rain from start to finish. I tryed to focus on the name of our trip "the cross challenge" and realize that rain is part of that challenge. It is important to take adversity like this and turn it into something positive so I kept a smile on my face knowing how much the vineyards were enjoying the rain.

Apparently along the banks of the Erie the soil is ideal for the vineyards. We went by many vineyards offering tours and samplings. Some of our group took advantage of the tours, however; I continued to pedal and enjoy the many small towns on the waterfront.

As we entered New York I realized I forgot to bring my "Red Sox" to hold up in front of the sign. Probably a good thing, I felt a lot safer on the NY roads without those red sox hanging out of my pocket.

I had an invitation by Homer Simpson for lunch but it was 10:00 am when I rode by his restaurant which was a little to early for me. I wish my brother-in-law, James, was here because I know he would have stopped in to chat with one of his favorite cartoon characters.

Had to take a picture of this water fall on the left. Haven't seen to many of these and I do have a love for running water. The hot shower at the end of the ride was even more enjoyable.

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