Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 38 / Tuesday, July 14th / Rest Day in Indianapolis

This morning I finished my blog from yesterday, then decided to check out the town. The field on the left is called Victory Field which is where the triple A Indianapolis Indians play. Nice ballpark.

After that it was time to check out the NCAA Hall of Champions.

The famous wedge formation in football was part of the reason for the establishment of the NCAA. Zoom in and check out the history. In 1976 the wedge was at its strongest led by Bridgewater Bear offensive guard #65 Chuck Tobey. Behind Tobey was #44 The Mighty Might Marc Kerble who rushed for over 4,000 yds. that year to set a new NCAA single year rushing record.

The Hall of Champions had a lot of interactive activities. The circle on the left was on a court marking the distance of a famous shot in men's basketball. It took me two tries before making this one. I know my son Tim would have swooshed it the first time.

The lacrosse picture is for my son Mike who picked up playing the game while in his junior year at UCLA. He is now coaching the sport. Zoom in on the history. Pretty interesting how and why the sport came to fruition.

After the Hall of Champions I went to a museum that was showing the Alps on IMAX. This was the Swiss Alps and the climb up the Mata horn. It was great seeing the country side of Switzerland especially since I have been riding a lot with Hans from Switzerland. Now I know why he bikes up those mountains so easily.

The hotel we stayed at, Comfort Suites, was really nice. It was right next to the Lucas Oil Stadium where the Colts play. Pictured on the right you can see the offensive lineman the Colts drafted to give Payton Manning some extra protection.

After touring the city It was time to head over to Jay Butlers house.
Jay is from Indy and was with us for the first section of the ride, which completed his journey across country. Jay and his wife Jean have a beautiful home in the woods and invited us all over for dinner and a chance to share some great memories. His son Brad also rode the first section then had to report to work. I'm sure some day he will make the journey all the way across.
Also, we celebrated the birthday of Hans. He was 50 years young yesterday. In his culture they throw the party and give the toast.


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