Friday, July 24, 2009

DAY 48 / Friday. July 24th / Liverpool, NY to Little Falls. NY / 77 miles

The prediction for today was 70% showers so the strategic plan was to go out hard with Tom and Sean and get to the hotel as fast as possible. Well we left at 7:15 am and got to the hotel by noon so that goal was accomplished. We went through some pretty torrential downpours throughout the ride only to find out that most the riders behind us had a dry day. Today the plan backfired.
Had a nice lunch at the hotel in our soaking clothes, then showered and took a nap while I waited for our luggage to arrive.
After dinner I took a walk with Bob, from Seattle, to see the Erie Canal and the lock were the boats get transferred from one elevation to another. Apparently this is one of the greatest elevation changes in the world. Forty plus feet.

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