Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 44 / Monday, July 20th / Rest Day in Erie, PA

Today was a rest day. Got a replacement seat for my bike which was cracking after only 2 months of riding (although that has been over 3,000 miles). Serfas biking company honored their warranty and the exchange went hassle free.
Spent another great day at the Plunkett's. Had a swim in the pool, played with Maureen's 4 grandchildren, had a delicious barbecue and saw another spectacular sunset over Lake Erie.

The final 8 days are ahead of us and It's time to let friends and relatives know of plans for the big final day.
On Monday, July 27th we will be staying at the Comfort Inn, 298 Queen City Ave., Manchester, NH 03102 (603-668-2600).
On Tuesday, July 28th we will depart the hotel around 7:00am for a 62 mile ride to Wallis Sands Beach in Rye, NH.
All the riders will meet at a Junior HS about 2 miles from the beach around 11:30 then we will have a police escort to the beach.
This is an estimated time and the projection of us getting to the beach is probably going to be sometime just after 12:00 noon.
My uncle Bob, who has already completed a cross country tour, is planning on riding with me the final day as well as a long time friend, Jack Styles. I couldn't ask for a better way to finish the journey.

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