Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 40 / Thursday, July 16th / Richmond, VA to Marysville, OH / 105 miles

Another great sunny mild day for the summer with the temperatures in the 80s. After 2 miles we were out of Indiana and into Ohio. Ohio (Columbus) is the home state of Chris on the left. We have been riding together for most of the trip. Jim from CA is the other rider in the picture. The three of us hammered pretty hard for most of today's ride hitting 26 mph on some of the flats.

At about mile 64 we stopped in at a place called Bradons in the small town of St Paris. The mayor owns and manages the store. Had one of the best smoothies ever. Strawberry-banana mixed with ice cream with whip cream on top.

Still looking at a lot of corn fields.
We got to the first sag stop so fast that the sag van hadn't gotten there yet. It was at a park with a path down to a river that had some running water. We all enjoyed the peaceful sound of the river flowing over the rock as we waited for the sag to get there.

Had some rolling hills today but nothing like Missouri.

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