Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 27 / Friday, June 3rd / McPherson, KS to Abilene, KS / 64 miles

Today we finally got off the interstate and on to some country roads. We are off the highway for most of the remainder of the trip I've been told.. Today was great riding conditions with a tailwind giving our tired legs a rest. To the left is Bob from VA who is on his third cross country trip at 72.

My friend Marilyn is a real trooper. She just goes and goes at a steady pace.

She is a PE major who teaches special education and is also a minister. She had to ditch her bike one day and jump in the bushes when a semi truck got a little close.

Unbelievable I am half way across our journey. This is a great feeling. Although it's not all down hill from here. I hear there are lots of rolling hills to come in MO and the Adirondacks are in NY.

I ask myself, would I ever attempt to do this again? And I reply only to support a family member or friend.

To the right is Hans from Switzerland. He is intrigued by the oil pump.

The town of Abilene was almost the capital so we were told. We had a great lunch at the Dish, a nice family run restaurant. I had a delicious BLT sandwich.

To the right I am relaxing on the porch of the house where President Dwight Eisenhower grew up. The town is quite proud of Ike and have created a museum, library, monument, and grave sight on a large parcel of land in honor of him and his family.

To the left I am taking a break at the Seelye Mansion right by my favorite place, a pond and running waterfall. It was my bike that needed the break, I was fine.

Dinner was at the Brookville Hotel. We had a wonderful family style chicken dinner, with mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet creamed corn and ice cream for desert. Back at the hotel the tornado siren went off and we all had to huddle in the hallway downstairs for about 35 minutes while the rain, lightning, and wind swept by us.

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