Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 29 / Sunday, June 5th / Topeka, KS to St. Joseph, MO / 88 miles

Today we finally get out of Kansas and into Missouri. The day started out cool with a good drizzle. It was pretty miserable for a while because we were not expecting those conditions. Add a moderate headwind to that and I wish I had stayed in bed. Just before we were to cross the Missouri River we stopped at Subway for lunch. Steve in yellow and Jack in white are my Florida buddies.

We ran into this neat bike after we came out of Subway. It reminded me of the deal I offered my wife, Donna. I told her we would take a tandem with a book and drink rack and high back cushioned seat across country and all she had to do is help pedal up the mountains. Guess what her answer was? Hint: she has not been in any pictures yet.

This Is the Missouri river that divides KS and MO. It was scary crossing the bridge because it had sections of concrete missing from the metal grates which looked as if it could catch your tire and send you falling

I made it over the bridge and into Missouri. I like Missouri so far.
A lot of rolling hills and corn fields. The picture below is from the town of St Joseph. This is a very nice town with nice parkways, recreational areas, homes and all the major chains of stores you would see in most big cities. We have a rest day scheduled here for tomorrow. The state of Missouri claims the real West was founded here. Jesse James lived here and the pony express had a major stop here.

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