Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 37 / Monday, July 13th / Crawfordsville, IN to Indianapolis, IN / 62 miles

A gorgeous morning, short ride, plenty to see, and a rest day tomorrow, what more could you ask for. Today was fun! We were on good flat roads for most the way and rode through Eagle Creek Park, a beautiful state park. It was like riding through the forest near a big lake with winding up and down roads.

Before we had arrived at the park we made a stop at the Roark Bike Factory where they make custom fit titanium bikes. To the right I am pictured with Mr. Roark and my friend Zero. The bike in the background runs for about 7,000. I might just have to wait for my lottery numbers to come in before I can buy this one.

After the factory tour we pedaled over to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and went to the museum. Pretty spectacular place. A lot of racing history here. Zoom in on the history of the first races.

What a thrill ride this must have been !
After the speedway we were off to the Lake Sullivan Sports Complex with our racing spirit ready to test out the Major Taylor Velodrome. We had a blast testing our skills and speed around the banked track. As one person would set a new standard everyone else would step up to the plate to try to beat it. Leigh had the best time for the ladies at 29.1 and beat most the men. Gerard on our support team had a sub 26 while young Bob and Hans were sub 27. My buddy Chris and I were next with sub 28. Trust me, there were a lot of racing egos and pride left on the track today.

After the racing was over we pedaled on over to a great bike path that lead us into the city of Indy. We rode along the river, along a brick paved road then to the river walk area. Indianapolis prides itself on being a city that caters to bikers and pedestrians. The river walk area was spectacular with museums and things to do and see all around.

Had a great meal at the Spaghetti Factory, then headed over to the Slippery Noodle Blues Bar where Gerrard and Tom, our new mechanic, were enjoying the tunes of Phoebe and the Acoustic Mojos. The band sounded great and made us laugh. Had a few drinks and headed to the hotel to call it a day.

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  1. Sorry, but the move has been my main goal. Looks like you're doing well. Thanks for thinking of me with the lacrosse picture.